Updated: Jan 12

This is my first blog, so i'll keep it short and straight to the point. Is dropshipping dead? No, it was never dead and especially during the pandemic it has skyrocketed and has made many young teens rich. Many ecommerce websites you see today are built by shopify. For instance, KYLIE COSMETICS, FASHION NOVA, JEFREE STAR COSMETICS, ETC. I'll admit, dropshipping was never really dead but is was oversaturated at a point. Until covid-19 and the growth of social media apps such as Tik-Tok has changed that. Tik-Tok has brought marketing to a whole other level. I mean is facebook ads even doing enough justice because advertising now lays in the fingertips of your fingers for free. Tik-tok has been an extremely successful boost for many small drop shipping businesses. I mean you can go with no sales to massive amounts if your Tik-Tok goes viral. Dropshipping is not dead and it will continue to grow and grow so start educating yourself on youtube for free! You don't need to spend $500 on a shopify course when all of this information is free on the internet. Trust me, youtube has more than enough videos to choose from.

Here are a few of my favourite youtubers to learn from:





I'm putting you on, take some time and watch some of their videos, let their lifestyle and financial freedom motivate you. Get up and start making money, shopify is an amazing gateway to living the life you want.

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